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Founded in August 2023, CHRONOBYTES GmbH represents the culmination of a journey that began with the Zykon Collective, a vibrant ensemble of young music enthusiasts bound by a shared passion for transcending the boundaries of audio production. Our inception as a company under the Zykon Software brand was driven by an unwavering commitment to address the most pressing challenges faced by musicians and producers today.

At the heart of our inception was the development of a Limiter plugin, designed to tackle what we perceived as the music industry's most significant pain point. In an era where achieving optimal loudness without compromising the integrity of the mix remains a formidable challenge, we sought to introduce a solution that would not only meet but exceed the highest standards of audio quality. Our Limiter plugin was crafted with the singular goal of liberating artists from the constraints imposed by conventional mixing and mastering processes, thereby enabling them to realize their creative visions without restraint.

Our ambition is to lead the charge, pioneering advancements that redefine what is possible in mixing and mastering. Our commitment extends beyond the realm of product development to encompass an unwavering dedication to our customers. We understand that the true measure of our success lies not only in the quality of our products but also in the strength of the relationships we build with those who use them. To this end, we are steadfast in our resolve to provide unparalleled support, ensuring that every interaction with Zykon is marked by professionalism, empathy, and a genuine desire to contribute to the success of our users.

As we look to the future, Zykon is excited to expand our portfolio with more innovative mixing and mastering plugins, each embodying our core values of innovation, excellence, and customer-centricity. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in music production, one plugin at a time.


Felix Limberger


Hey I'm Felix and I do most of the coding for Zykon! I started developing plugins when I was still in school since I was never satisfied with the sound I got out of the ones I had. I was especially frustrated with Limiters since they would always destroy what I did when mixing. So I started coding one myself and eventually developed the Zykon Limiter which finally gave me inner peace. But I didn't want to keep it for myslef which is the reason why I founded the CHRONOBYTES GmbH in August 2023. It's been quite a ride since then, but the positive feedback from our first clients is what keeps me going!

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