Zykon Limiter

Unmatched in its capability, this limiter guarantees exceptional clarity and volume, outshining all counterparts in the market. Elevate your sound with our innovative "Punch" feature, ingeniously designed to enhance transients with unparalleled finesse, even under high compression, setting a new standard for sonic excellence.

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How do I install?

Download the files and run the installer suitable for your computer.
Follow the instructions of the installer.
You should be able to load the plugin in your favourite VST3 host now.
The first time using the plugin you will be prompted to insert your account credentials (email and password used in this shop).
Once the plugin is authorized you are good to go.

I cant find my plugin

Try to run the installer again with admin privileges if you are on Windows.
If you are on Mac you could encounter weird Mac behaviour where the installer installs the plugin to a wrong place (depending on your settings).
check if you can find the plugin in the following location:

if you cannot find your plugin there, please check /Users/[YOUR NAME]/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 OR
If you can find your plugin there you should set up a path in your DAW so that the DAW can actually find your plugin.

If you cannot find the file there please contact us!

Which DAWs are compatible?

Any DAW who can host VST3/AU or AAX should theoretically be able to load the plugin. However it is important to test the Demo before you buy!

We test our plugins regularly on the following DAWs:
FL Studio, Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper, Tracktion Waveform and Logic Pro.

You'll need a computer running either Mac (Ventura) or Windows 11 in order to use the pluign. You can try different versions but it's generally not recommended.

Can I suggest a feature?

Sure. We are open for ideas! But please don't be mad if we do not incorporate your feature. Developing software is a very difficult and time consuming task, so we need prioritize different features first.


Here you can download the latest manuals for our products if you need that :)