In this series of tutorials Fab Massimo (DJ, Producer and label head of Low Ceiling Records) shows you how he masters his tracks. You will learn how to use the different tools like Equalization, Compression and Limiting in order to get your track ready for distribution!

In Short:

Mastering does not have to be a complicated job that only experts can do in an overly expensive studio!
With the right tools you can easily master your tracks - just like Fab.

For a standard mastering plugin chain you will need:

1. An Equalizer to shape the tonal balance of your track

2. A stereo tool, to control the overall stereo panorama

3. A compressor to catch some overly exaggerated loudness peaks

4. A high quality limiter.

In the next 4 Videos Fab will show you how he uses these effects in order to create a professional master.