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Effortlessly achieve professional-quality results in seconds with Easy
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with advanced features.

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  • Real-time analysis and automatic Lookahead

  • Dedicated PUNCH knob to enhance transients and loudness

  • High-end algorithms for maximum sound quality


Take it EASY!

Our limiter plugin introduces an 'Easy Mode' that eliminates the complexity often associated with traditional limiters. Leveraging advanced algorithms, it continuously analyzes your audio signal in real-time, ensuring the best possible outcome.
Despite its simplicity, Easy Mode retains flexibility. The 'Punch' knob remains at your disposal, allowing you to tailor the character of your track's transients.


Make it Punch!

Traditional limiters often sacrifice the essential punch of a track, leading to a flattened and lifeless sound.
Therefore we developed a groundbreaking, pseudoacoustic technology, designed specifically to preserve the vital transients in
your music! This feature not only retains the dynamic punch that gives life to your track but also enhances its overall loudness!

Quick Demo?

In this video, Fab Massimo shows off the capabilities of the Zykon Limiter by pushing his latest track to an insane loudness of -4.1 dB LUFS. Of course we want to emphasize that you should not sacrifice all your dynamics to the loudness war.. but doesn't it feel so much better to know that you could if you wanted to ?

What others say

Fab Massimo artist image

Fab Massimo

This Limiter makes everything sound super loud while still retaining the details of your audio!

AQUO artist image


Defnietly my new favourite Limiter plugin! It is so easy to limit your track with this!

Prevision artist image


The clarity with which the limiter handles the mix is incredible. Defnietly a high-quality algorithm that not only masters the mix loudly, but also offers transparency!

DasDritteKind artist image


Yo Bro sickest Limiter I've ever tried. Even my cat likes it!

Fab Massimo

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This Limiter makes everything sound super loud while still retaining the details of your audio!

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